Valeria Lukyanova: The Living Barbie

#3 Statistics that should put people in awe:

The plastic doll has been the reference point of the perfect body image, as to be followed in the glamor world. It is not only impossible to have something of that sort but is extremely unhealthy. Yet, Valeria has even managed to beat that. For instance, her body statistics is something as follows: 34.6-18.5-34.6. Whereas, had Barbie been a life size doll or had she been existing in real life, she would have been somewhere around 39-18-33.

The best part about her transformation is that she does not only match in the statistics, as Barbie but is proportionate like the doll. With her stats, Valeria is about 45kgs or 99lbs of weight. This might have been alarming to most of the people around the world, but Valeria who was previously 42kgs or 92lbs of weight was concerned about her weight gain.



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