Valeria Lukyanova: The Living Barbie

#12 Barbie and Ken match made in heaven?

For Barbie cannot live without her true love Ken, it is only fitting that human Barbie should fall in love with human Ken. But, alas! That is not the case. Human Ken and Human Barbie, Justin Jedica, had met Valeria for a feature in the Insider edition in New York in February 2013 and hated each other. Justin has had over 100 plastic surgeries done to his body, spending over $100,000 on himself. He has had work done on his buttock, chin, eyebrows, nose jobs and even pectoral implants. With all these work done on him, Justin had the audacity to call Valeria a fake looking model. To which, Valeria had a fitting answer, that he has had over 100 surgeries while she has only 1 done on herself. Well, it appears that Barbie won this fight, this time.



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