These 28 people know very well how to make the statues look pretty funny…#17 is sure to make you faint!

These 28 people know very well how to make the statues look pretty funny…#17 is sure to make you faint!

Whichever city you visit, you will come across various types of statues. Some of them carry historical values while some others are just there to enhance the view of the streets. It can be the statues of some important personalities of the historical era and even statues of animals. Whatever the case may be statues do help the passersby to click innovative photographs as well as learn new things.

But you must have come across people who love to do pranks with such statues. These people are innovative, no doubt. They put their creativity in making such funny pictures with the statues that are surely hilarious. Here are some of those pictures, taken by such pranksters which are sure to make you feel that they are painfully funny!

  1. Hold me like this forever!

The pose that this lady gave with this beast statue is simply wonderful. It seems as if she has been helping up in the arms of the bear. This is the perfect moment and it can be named as “The Beauty and The Beast”.



  1. The historical selfie!

Selfie didn’t even exist in those historical eras. But the person who took this picture seems to be super innovative. In the following picture, it seems that the founding fathers are busy taking a wonderful selfie and that too in the most sophisticated manner. A historical moment indeed!


  1. Let me dance with you!

Dance is something really entertaining. But dancing with a statue, does it make any sense? Well, here is the picture where this town ladies have make it possible by posing with this statue which looks like as if it is giving a dance move like Beyonce or Jagger.


  1. Let me have my first kiss!

This is the best pose that one can have with this type of a statue. In this picture, as you can see, the girl seems to have that love-filled first ever kiss of her life. With the other hand, she is trying to stop the other girl from interfering them. Well, what an idea!


  1. Oh, my head!

The perfect pose that you can have with this statue indeed! The boy in the picture is standing just in front of the bat of the statue. It seems that the man is about to smash the boy’s head and thus the boy is super scared.


  1. Let’s have a High Five friend!

The picture perfect pose that one can have! It seems that the man is ready to have the greatest High Five. Therefore he is jumping up in the air and having a high five with this statue. And the result is hilarious indeed.


  1. Oh, come on, leave my hair!

It seems that the lady in front of the statue has done something wrong and thus this historical statue is ready to punish her. It is trying to grab her hair and snatch it from her head. The lady is giving the perfect expression as if she is crying out of pain!


  1. See, Spidey is in danger!

It seems that out dear Spider-Man is fighting the last battle of his life. The way he is posing with the statue is marvelous. At first sight, people will surely be mistaken to make any difference between the man and the statue. It seems that the statue is trying to grab the Spidey’s neck.


  1. Want to dance with me?

This is the cutest picture that you might have come across ever. This cute little child is ready to dance with the baby-sized statue. Just look at the way the child is posing! No matter what, this couple seems to be the cutest one.


  1. Let the vet be called!

That ‘Oh My God’ moment, when someone does something really awkward like this! This is one of the hilarious stuff or poses that one can give. The man made this awkward pose and it looks so hilarious that one can even faint out of laughter.


  1. Let me hold it for you lady!

This lady seems to be a tennis player from the picture. She chose t pose with the statue on the street. But wait. Did you see where the hand of the statue is? This makes the whole picture hilarious to look at.


  1. Granny, say cheese!

It’s just wonderful to go for a walk with granny or grandpa. After all, you get to so many stories from them while you walk. But here is an instance of a person taking a picture with this statue granny holding a shopping bag in her hand.


  1. Oops! Don’t hit my booty.

In this picture, the lady gives the perfect pose and the perfect expression to make it look hilarious. It is really funny to see how the statue seems to hold her in his hand and as if it is trying beat or hit her on her back.


  1. Let’s fly, fly and fly!

In this picture, the guy is sitting on the statue of an eagle. He seems to be enjoying his fly rather than a ride. He has got bottles of champagne in his hands and has just opened them. It seems he is trying to have a great party while enjoying the fly!


  1. Let me kiss you!

This picture is another of the hilarious ones that are clicked with the statues. This lady is keen in kissing this old man or rather the statue. The picture becomes funnier because of the expressions that can be seen on the face of the statue itself.


  1. I will crack your neck!

This king Kong statue ahs got the perfect pose ready for a click. The young man in the picture is giving the apt expression and poses as if he has been caught in the arms of the animal. The whole scene looks hilarious altogether.


  1. Don’t mess with them!

This picture is one of its kinds. None can beat the hilariousness of this picture. The three statues in the picture are the statues of workers working on a railway line. But the man in the middle of the three statues poses in a hilarious manner.


  1. Yewww! You dirty man.

It’s more than hilarious to look at this picture. The man in the picture has the most creative mind. He found picking nose with the finger of the statue would be the best innovation that can be done. And here it is. This picture turns out to be one of the hilarious ones.


  1. I’ll fight the Dinosaurs!

Those big creatures which are actually statues seem like that they are ready for their dinner. But wait a minute! What the man is doing there? It feels like he is actually ready to fight against these big guys with his small little sword.


  1. Don’t they look like twins!

The statue behind the man just looks like a miniature form of the same person. Both the man and the statue are bare bodied and they have the similar kind of tummies. Well, this similarity and the similar poses make them appear hilarious.


  1. Looking at the unseen!

The statues behind the back of this man in the picture are the peasants. The man with the statues is posing brilliantly. It seems that the peasant boy along with the man is looking for something that is unknown to the human kind.


  1. Merry-go-round!

This is a wonderful statue of a lady playing merry-go-round with her sweet little daughter. But what the hell is this man doing there? It seems now from the picture that the man is on the tug of war with this lady. The whole scenario looks hilarious indeed.


  1. Let me help you!

It seems that people love to talk with the statues too. This lady’s expressions are such that as if she is asking the statue to show her the way to a certain address. And it looks like that the statue is even posing like: “May I help you?”


  1. It’s kung fu time!

The man in the picture has given the perfect pose to get the funniest click. It seems from the picture that he is giving the best kung fu move of his life and that too with these lovely wooden statues that compliment his move.


  1. Pay for it or else I’ll beat you!

Even the McDonald statue hasn’t been left. It can be observed from the picture how the guy has given his best shot with the statue. It seems as if the McDonald statue is trying to beat up this man for not paying money for the food.


  1. Don’t hang me like this!

The two statues side by side in this picture are in a dancing pose. This little guy has given the perfect pose with the statues to look as if they are trying to hold his neck up in the air. This is pretty innovative and painful indeed!


  1. Man, what are you searching for?

This man has used this cowboy statue in the best possible way in his photograph. It seems that the cowboy is trying to pull the pant of the man and as if it is looking at the picture on his t-shirt. Overall the picture looks innovative and hilarious.


  1. Now this is not for children!

This picture is quite awkward to look. The woman in the picture has given a seductive pose in front of the statue of a man who is sitting somewhere. But wait. Where is the hand of this man? This is indeed not for children to see!




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