Girl next door turns into their favorite celebrities

7. High ponytail and a Megan Fox
The3 girl in the white sweater had started off with the high ponytail, a lumpy sweater, quite a nice eyebrow, porcelain-like skin. What sorcery is this, which she had soon transformed into the hottest woman on this planet? Megan Fox can be sipping her cup of tea and men would be flocking around her. SO, if this girl can pull off a Megan Fox, with a highlighter and few other makeup products, she sure is going to turn heads while she goes full throttle on her products. The face and the makeup are not the only things which provide an impeccable resemblance, but her expression and clothing too, blow up the mind.

What was the learning that can be derived from this, then? All you need is attitude, some clothing, features which would somewhat make you look like a celebrity and an expertise. To transform oneself into a celebrity is no easy feat because, with one silly mistake, one can draw in a lot of unwanted attention and negative comments. Thus, for those who might be starting off, here is a tip- take time.

Make the most of the month of Halloween, or simply look as gorgeous as a celebrity with the help of makeup and an in-depth knowledge of it. Change the way people would look at you, with some simple tricks and draw in a lot more of attention than what you are used to.



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