Check out these 20 photos taken right before a disaster had followed

Check out these 20 photos taken right before a disaster had followed

It is weird as to what the perfect timing might bring in front of people. For one thing, they might just be a hilarious thing that one has ever witnessed, while on the other hand there are certain pictures, on which, the moments captured, did not bode well with the people in them. These pictures are extremely interesting, but they are equally terrifying because what must have followed next was not the kind of thing anybody would want to witness in real life. The following are some of the pictures, which were taken, prior to some accident and while some are hilarious, the rest of it is a bit too gruesome.

  1. Events that had followed must be anything but fun

This poor girl must have been through immense pain, once the ball had hit her. First thing, her reaction states as to how unprepared she was even seconds before the balls had smashed had a face. Secondly, the photographer must be really prepared with the camera, for these shots are really tricky to capture. What events must have followed, are something which should be left to speculation, because it would have been extremely embarrassing for the girl, had it happened in front of millions of viewers.





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