20 hilarious images which appreciate proper timing of the photographer

  1. Pretty bartender with prettier legs

Ever had a moment, where you had to take a deep breath and reflect upon what life had thrown at you? Well, this bartender is probably having one such moment, looking at this particular image. Although, no one can question his good looks, but what lies beneath is a curious case of weird legs. The woman’s leg does not match with the bartender’s outfit, so he must ponder a little more, while dressing himself up, in the morning. Jokes apart, the thing is, this is actually what the mirror is doing to his reputation. The man is behind the bar and the woman, to whom he is serving the drink to; her legs are being reflected in the mirror. The photographer was having the last laugh, as the image is everything that must be the butt of all jokes, for the rest of his life.

Here is timing doing all the tricks and taking people’s reputation, one image at a time. Thus, the 20 pictures which are being displayed are everything one must come across in their lifetime to have a good laugh and yet be intrigued. Take your time and witness the amazing tricks that these photographers have to display and have a gala time.



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