Three Black Babies and a Miraculous Family

The world has been segregated and separated and divided in so many ways and in so many levels, that it seems irreparable. People are claiming inequality based on their skin color, based on their gender and even the very ideas, which were meant to be the binding things, which made people different and appealing. While some are fighting for their rights around the world, some are interested in getting their ways out from people, for their own benefits.

Even amidst this, there is a couple- Aaron Halbert and Rachel, who did something out of the goodness of their heart, not to make a statement or to appear in front of the television camera, and preach about their ideologies, but to simply stand by what they follow.Aaron and Rachel started dating one another and had been doing so for about 12 years now and they had somewhat of a different upbringing.


There are very few things out of this world

There are very few things in the world, which can truly shock every single individual at the same capacity. And the following list will be among one of them. It is quite hard to come across something which is both horrific and extremely interesting at the same time. Who knew, that it was a president who had cited slang in his writings and who ever knew that condom is not just for protection, but is used as a mean for promotion? These are some truly whacky information and trivia which will never cease to put the awe in people’s faces.
1. Slang or dignity?
Austin Powers, take a step back because it was Thomas Jefferson who had managed to first use the slang word- shag. The third president of the United States was credited for being the very first person who had cited the word shag, for the very first time. Now, it is obvious that the words of the president are not taken too lightly and hence, they were noted at all times. At a certain slander preceding, Jefferson had used the term shag, and this is probably how it came to being.

Slang or dignity`

Optical Illusion Can Do Wonders

The optical illusion is such a thing which might be too dubious to handle. It can give someone the creeps as to what is happening and at the same time, it’s probably the most interesting thing to witness. There are quite a few illusions which a person might come across, during their life span. These illusions can be the mistaken image produced by the eyes, or some natural phenomenon, which is equally mind boggling. We are all too aware of the concept of the oasis. The naturally existing illusions might just be majestic and enthralling all at once. To witness something which might require a second look is always intriguing.

The thing is, optical illusions or illusions of any matter can be created through a certain level of expertise of a particular person. Especially a photographer can capture something which might not be explicable at the first glance. There are quite a few of such pictures available in the market and on the web as well. Here are some of the extremely tricky and interesting photographs which might make one give a second, thorough, glance.

  1. A trick of the mind?

The image appears to have a lane and stacked on one side of it are some logs of the trees. But what is truly tricky, is what lie beneath the lane? There are further stacks of logs just plainly lying beneath the concrete sheet of the lane. But is it so? Actually, these logs are piled on two sides of the same lane, and the photographer is probably on the opposite side of the lane. Now, with the stacks being uneven in order and size,

it appears as though the stacked logs remain buried under a sheet of concrete.


Christine Jia Xin Lee, living a dream with $4.6 million

Miracles are very hard to come by, but for Christine Jia Xin Lee, it was a simple error that was nothing short of a miracle. Christine, who was residing in Australia, is a mere girl of 21 years of age and has been enrolled for her chemical engineering course in Australia. One fine day, she had received a sum of $4.6 million in her bank account at the Westpac bank and the rest is history. She had come from Malaysia to Sydney to pursue her academics. Christine was residing in Australia with her student’s visa. She had opened her bank account prior and as a customary part of every teenager’s 18th birthday. Yet, by the time she was arrested, she had spent a sum of $4.6 million, roughly, on herself. This is a sum which is not any teenager is ever to get their hands on.

  1. Miracle or error!

The Westpac bank had been dealing with a particular error, which had led to transferring of a total sum of $4.6 million into Lee’s bank account. Instead of calling the authority and handing over the amount of money back to the bank, she had planned differently. She had actually, in a very calculated manner transferred very small amounts of money to her other accounts in Australia. This does not raise much suspicion. The transaction of a small amount of money does not raise many eyebrows of the bank authorities, as she had transferred about $5,000 to these accounts.


“A picture is worth a thousand words”

A photograph does not necessarily say a thousand words, it makes one feel. No matter what the photograph might contain or what it tries to establish, it does make one feel. Emotions are probably the most unique of the features that the living is being blessed with. And when pictures capture these emotional moments of a being, there is nothing more beautiful than that. Here are some of the pictures that are bound to make one feel emotional.

  1. The dessert rose:

If only war was something that could create peace, as it is known to have led to, then people would have had ended all enmity by this time. The world has gone through a series of gruesome ordeals and people have died as a consequence. The soldiers have led their lives in hostility and of course with their constant companion of their bullet filled guns. Now, have they grown stone cold? Have they lost every human emotion? Well, no. this image is a living proof, that even a beautiful flower can enthrall and capture the emotions of two soldiers, while they are in their duties. And the lady? Her smile is enough to prove the innocence that might exist in, even the hostile most area.


20 hilarious images which appreciate proper timing of the photographer

Time can contribute to a lot of things. From making memories to healing people, it is said to have been the best medicine for one and all. Not just that, it is the time that can be the teacher one deserves. That being said, for a photographer time is the essence. A photographer can have the concept, but it all depends on the timing he chooses, that will do justice for his imagination. A Certain photograph can be truly astonishing solely because of what and how the photographer had chosen to capture it. While the others can solely make timing responsible for how beautiful or how effective they are. Following are a number of images, for which only the perfect timing of the photographer should be appreciated.

Bless the photographer’s eyes and bless the moment that one must have kept their cameras ready. For otherwise it could have been the deepest regret he would bore in his heart. Check out the following images which are nicely captured and are perfectly timed.

  1. Dear, look away  What even the soul couldn’t do, the wind did it. The Person had his moment of mischief, as the wind blew away the skirt of this lady. Well, had the puritan of an extreme sort been there, he too would have taken a second glance. But who is to blame the person ? It was not him, it was all the wind’s doing.


28 Photos which shows kids can do anything

Kids are lovable, aren’t they? Yes of course. Couples dream about having babies sooner or later in their lives. After all raising your own children is a different experience that everyone wants to go through. But wait! Have you ever thought about the cons of raising a child?
Here follows some experiences of parents that they had to go through while raising their children. Just have a look:
1. Let’s have some fun bro!
Have you ever come across something like this ever? Yes it can be called as being a partner in crime! These two twin kids are busy with their naughtiest doings. You can see how one is trying and helping the other one to get out of the door.


It’s fun to compare the 20 pictures of people after they drank 3 glasses of wine!

Have you ever wondered how you look after you are totally drunk? If not, then you can imagine it now.

Marcos Alberti had decided to take a series of pictures of his friends while they simultaneously took to drinking three glasses of wine. And the result was hilarious, trust me!

The series that he has made is of 20 people and he has shown their different state of mind after each glass they drank. Each person has got 4 pictures from the normal being to getting drunk after the third drink. Now, let’s check them out:

  1. In this first picture collage of this lady you can see clearly how she reacts after she gets drunk with every glass of wine. Who could have imagined that this calm minded lady can also be so crazy after boozing! The last picture of the collage shows that how the third glass of wine slowly takes her out of the calm and shy shell.

The calm and composed lady:


The real life Hulk is On

You must have seen hulk in your green comic books or else in the movie. But have you ever wondered that there actually exists a man who resembles the reel-life Hulk. In these pictures you will see Sajad Gharibi who just looks like Hulk. Though in the pictures you will find his expressions to be that of an angry man, according to reports he is one of the sweetest person in this world.

There is no doubt that he is a body builder and he has gained that physic through tremendous work out. But the only thing to wonder about him is that how he has got such a hulk like physic which no guys has ever achieved.

  1. Introducing Sajad Gharibi

In this picture you can see Sajad Gharibi and at the same time there is a picture of Hulk. The biceps and muscles that he has gained make him look like Hulk. No wonder why he is called the Iranian Hulk over the internet. It’s still a wonder how he has made such a body.